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Cramer B1000


82V Professional Blower

The 82B1000 is a powerful battery blower for professional use, featuring an external battery connection for convenient working on larger jobs such as car parks, sports grounds and urban areas. Producing power equivalent to 30cc petrol performance, the battery is also interchangeable with all other Cramer 82V tools.

Cramer 82B1000 – Powerful and lightweight professional blower

The Cramer 82B1000 is an 82V high performance battery blower that was designed specifically for the professional. Offering durability thanks to its robust design, and exceptional power and airflow from our 82V brushless digital motor. For total freedom and reduced fatigue the blower features an external battery connection allowing it to be powered by either a backpack battery or a hip mounted battery (available separately). With Cramer even the most demanding jobs can be carried out quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Our 82V technology rivals an equivalent 30cc petrol blower yet has significantly lower running and ownership costs, making it a viable option for any professional user or business. As well as the cost and performance benefits the Cramer 82V range offers additional safety in the workplace, with low vibration, low noise, and zero emissions or harmful fumes for the operator when blowing. With a high 65m/s airspeed and 980 m3/h airflow, the 82B1000 can carry out large jobs quickly and efficiently.

As part of the Cramer 82V professional line-up, the battery is interchangeable in any of the 82V range from lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, and even power cutters. Offering one battery for any professional application.

Tech Spec

Motor type
Air speed (at the tip of the tube)
65 m/s
Airflow (at the nozzle)
750 m3/h
Airflow (in housing)
970 m3/h
Blowing force (at the tip of the tube)
16 N
Cruise control
Boost feature
Only with battery backpack
2.1 kg
Vibration Level (m/s²)
1.6 m/s2
Rec. battery model