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48V Cordless Brushcutter

The 48TB10 is a lightweight and powerful battery brushcutter for use in medium to large gardens, offering the perfect balance of performance and manoeuvrability to tackle general grass trimming or brushcutting jobs with ease. Comfort is guaranteed thanks to a fully adjustable bike handle and ergonomic harness, while the battery is interchangeable with all other Cramer 48V tools.

Cramer 48TB10 – Powerful Bike Handle Battery Brushcutter

The Cramer 48TB10 is a 48V performance bike handle brushcutter that was designed for medium to large gardens. Offering exceptional durability thanks to its robust design, and strong power and torque from our digital 48V 1.0kW brushless motor. With Cramer even the most demanding jobs can be carried out quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Our 48V battery technology rivals traditional petrol performance yet has significantly lower running costs as well as more convenience, making it a perfect choice for any homeowner. As well as the cost and performance benefits the Cramer 48V range offers safety for the user, with low vibration, low noise, and zero emissions or harmful fumes for the operator when working. Additionally the 48TB10 features a two button start-up and fully adjustable bike handles.

As part of the Cramer 48V product family, the battery is interchangeable in any of the 48V range from lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, blowers, and even chainsaws. Offering one battery for multiple applications around the garden.

Tech Spec

Power Source
Motor type
Rec. battery model
Maximum power
1000 W
Cutting speed
6300 RPM
Cutting Width (cm)
40 cm
Battery slots
Boost feature
Adjustable Loop Handle
Telescopic extension