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About us

About Cramer

Early mornings, late nights, in all weathers – the work must be done – regardless of conditions. And at times, the work is hard and tough. This means you need to be able to trust your tools. In the park, garden, forest, at the arena or estate – your tools must deliver with power and precision. With Cramer’s range of tools and equipment, you’ll always get the job dome – hour after hour, day after day, year after year.

Thanks to our unique 82V battery system, Cramer’s tools deliver enough power for you to retire your old petrol-powered equipment. With a clear conscience as well. Because it’s not only the power that’s superior. Our 82V series is more cost-effective, much more environmentally friendly and doesn’t expose you to toxic fumes. It’s simply the intelligent choice for the hard-working landscaping professional.

With its low volume, low vibrations and weight, Cramer also delivers unbelievable power in relation to its weight with an unbeatable working environment by extension. All tools in the series share the same battery platform which provides you with flexibility and all the benefits of battery-driven – with none of the downsides of a petrol engine.

Our tools are connected for a total analysis and overview of current load, runtime, and service needs. Overall, Cramer delivers a complete set of powerful tools that provides you with performance, precision, and intelligence.

It’s good for you.

It’s good for our environment.

Swedish expertise. Global muscles.

Cramer is a global player on the market. But the brain is in Sweden. All Cramer products are designed and developed at our research and development facility in Jönköping. With our cutting-edge technology combined with our global reach, we drive the development of high-performing, powerful and durable battery driven tools and equipment forward. We offer revolutionary power, innovation, and intelligent solutions to the delight of both professionals and private individuals.