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About us

Cramer has global muscles. But the brain is in Sweden. Here, all Cramer’s products are designed and developed, and it’s all done at our research and development facility in Jönköping. With our cutting-edge technology, combined with our global muscle, we drive the development of high-performing, powerful and durable battery-driven tools and equipment forward.

Because we don’t just want to follow. We want to lead and be the biggest and the strongest. But we won’t stop there. We also want to be the smartest. Because strength without intelligence is meaningless and we’re confident that the future’s challenges require innovation. That’s why we’ve since the start focused on just that – innovative and intelligent solutions.

That’s why we not only offer revolutionary power, but unmatched intelligence as well – to the delight of both professionals and private individuals.

Now that you know more about us, we can recommend that you to get to know our professional users by watching the Cramer stories.

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