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Turning mowing around with Cramer Zero Turn

Product launchesJun 01, 2022

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Cramer’s battery driven Zero Turn 82ZT132 revolutionizes large scale mowing

Malmö 01/06/2022: Cramer, the specialist in durable battery-powered tools and professional quality gardening equipment, has launched the most innovative battery driven Zero Turn, that will revolutionize mowing of large areas.

Zero Turn for Europe’s large-scale areas

Next to traditional lawn tractors, Zero Turns have become more and more popular in Europe. The name already includes the most important feature: the possibility to turn on the spot, allowing to mow quite narrowly around obstacles and in corners. Zero turns are especially useful for mowing of large areas but also come in handy for broad mowing in narrow spaces or parks and areas with many trees, bushes, and flower beds. The driver sticks allow easy steering, handling, and turning. Zero Turns are known for a quite compact product design, allowing the user to sit on top of the machine in an ergonomic sitting position and easy ascend and descend. Mowing with Zero turns is significantly faster than with traditional tractors with an exceptional manoeuvrability and visibility of the working area - and without having to compromise on the quality of mowing. Evenly cutted green grass in faster, more ergonomical and easier work.

Cramer’s Zero Turn for a greener world

Most Zero Turns and most lawn tractors in the market are petrol driven. With Cramer’s Zero Turn 82ZT132 you get introduced to the innovation of a battery driven mower that is equivalent to an 800cc petrol driven Zero Turn – with lower running and ownership costs. The 82ZT132 with an integrated 82V 16kWh battery enables landscapers to mow a 40.000 m² area / 5 hours on a single charge. With a forward speed of 16 km/h and perfect turning around obstacles you receive a highly productive mowing experience. The fabricated 132cm cutting deck, with 3 efficient brushless 1.5 kW motors, is wider than most common cutting decks and will cut grass reliable, fast, and evenly. Globgro AB Riggaregatan 53, 211 13 Malmö, Sweden Managing director: Ralf Pankalla | VAT: SE559065061901 | Organisation number: SE-559065-0619 Without having to use petrol you also work with lower vibrations, lower noise and zero emissions or harmful fumes – large scale mowing has never been this green, user-friendly, and efficient. In addition, the suspended seat provides extra driving comfort. The Zero Turn also provides extra safety: with the integrated 4G SIM card you will always stay connected to your device. The Cramer Connect App allows you to set schedules, get notifications, reports from driving and total security over where your device is at any time. Extra protection against theft offers the GSM Geofence. It makes sure the Zero Turn is not used outside its home territory. The 82ZT132 is the right choice for landscapers and landowners who expect the ultimate in performance and durability. Discover the Cramer Zero Turn now – find your retailer: