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Smart Gardening with Cramer Connect

Product launchesAug 01, 2022

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The Cramer Connect App allows you to monitor your robotic lawn mower from anywhere.

Malmö 01/08/2022: You’ll never have to worry about your lawn and mowing again: With Cramer Connect you can always keep track of your robotic lawn mower and your garden. There never was a more relaxing vacation season for garden lovers.

A green and healthy lawn – a pleased and relaxed garden owner

It’s vacation season and perhaps you are planning – or have already planned – a big family vacation for two weeks? What keeps you uneasy is the thought of how your lawn will look after a couple of weeks of sunshine, rain and not keeping track of it? Even though you still can’t control the weather – with Cramer’s robotic lawnmowers you get a perfectly mown lawn without lifting a finger. They mow reliable, thorough, and quietly. With help of the Cramer Connect App you can make sure your mower takes care of your garden even when you are on vacation. You get access to your device through the intuitive mobile app to easily check current product status. You will receive notifications if your product encounters an issue and the most important part: you can set schedules, start your robotic lawnmower, and send mowing commands from anywhere in the world – even from a hammock in the Maldives. The robotic lawnmowers RM1000, RM1500, RM2000 and RM2700 come with an integrated SIM card with 2G/4G connection, which also provides extra safety and theft protection. You can track the position of your lawnmower at any time. A great benefit: currently you receive a free 12-year connectivity subscription with the purchase of a robotic lawnmower. This offer makes sure you never lose touch with your garden. With the newest app update coming in early autumn, you not only receive an updated design that is even more user friendly – you also get more information about your mower: the app informs you about the battery temperature and recommends action regarding the temperature. You can easily overwrite your planned schedule, pause, and skip a single mowing session or plan individual extra rounds for your lawn. The app also comes with a detailed installation guide and now has improved performance for a faster reaction time and better communication between the mower and the user. Cramer has the perfect robotic for your lawn – whether your garden is rather large or small – the RM2700 can mow areas of up to 2700 m² and if your garden isn’t as big, than the smaller RM1000 will be just right for your needs. Find your perfect robotic and get closer to your perfectly relaxing vacation: