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Remote After-Sales with Cramer

Service updatesAug 01, 2022

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Reduce downtime to a minimum with Cramer’s After-Sales-Service-System.

Malmö 01/08/2022: Taking care of after-sales the remote way will reduce downtime, help with repairs, and will result in happy customers with well-kept gardens. Cramer’s After-Sales-Service-System with the new Diagnostic-Tool helps make repairs even more precise and quick.

Remote after-sales for all vehicles

Alongside a European-wide, well-trained after-sales team and customer service, Cramer also provides a way to handle after-sales issues remotely. This enables retailers to offer reliable, efficient, and quick after-sales service. The customer reduces the time spent on diagnosis and repairs – which also reduces the downtime of their product. With this application Cramer provides a very contemporary feature for retailers for handling issues and questions regarding all Cramer vehicles. If the customers register their tools online and give access to the after-sales team or retailer for the period of time needed to fix problems or explain functions, the After-Sales-Service-System displays specifications such as battery temperature, status, error codes and maintenance and repair history.

Newest feature: The Diagnostic-Tool

The newest addition within Cramer’s After-Sales-Service-System is the Diagnostic-Tool. It enables retailers to run full tests on the robotic product range for even more precise diagnosis and repairs. The application functions as a guide and explains how to check single units on the robotics and interprets results immediately. Regarding the problem faced with the device it offers the possibility to run a full test, which checks all different functional units, a customized test where the retailer can choose which units need to be checked or a basic test that is quicker and gives a good overview over possible malfunctions. After running a test on the whole product, the tool delivers a summary of all tests and gives detailed feedback. It also saves tests taken earlier for a detailed electronic logbook of the device. By receiving a quick diagnosis, the retailer can decide more efficiently which steps need to be taken to reduce downtime. Even though most parts of the After-Sales-Service-System from a perfectly functioning remote application – to run full tests on all parts of the robotic the retailer or service team will need the device. There are a couple of single test parts that can be run remotely but for full functions such as the connection of the robotic to the garage, sensors or for wheels and cutting desks functions retailers will need to have the device nearby. The newest addition will facilitate after-sales topics on all sides. Find out more about the excellent customer service and training, the tools for the remote After-Sales-Service-System and all further benefits as a dealer here: