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Perfectly mown lawn in every corner

Perfectly mown lawn in every corner

Product launchesSep 01, 2022

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The perfect addition to your robotic lawnmower: Cramer’s 48TX10 5-in-1-Tool.

Malmö 01/09/2022: Cramer’s robotic lawnmowers mow your garden lawn reliably and thoroughly – but there are always edges and areas that aren’t easy to mow. With Cramer’s 5-in-1-Tool you get the perfect addition for a completely perfect lawn – and even more.

Perfectly equipped for all seasons with Cramer’s 5-in-1-Tool

Summer is almost over, and autumn is nearly around the corner – start preparing for an even better garden season next year with Cramer. You may have already heard about how healthy, green, and thick your lawn will get when you start mowing with a Cramer robotic lawnmower. Cramer offers five different mowers that fit the needs of your garden regarding size, slopes and demands.

A perfect addition to your robotic mower is the Cramer 48V 5-in-1-Tool 48TX10 that helps you to get the most perfect garden all around. Whether you need to clean up your edges around patches and flowerbeds, kerbs or fences or you have areas your robotic can’t mow – the 5-in-1-Tool comes with an edger and a brush cutter with two different blades. For a lawn that has never looked neater.

The 5-in-1-Tool 48TX10 also comes in handy for trimming hedges and trees with a pole hedge trimmer and a pole chainsaw. That means you might never need another tool for your garden. The 48TX10 is completely battery driven with Cramer’s 48V battery range. By using the Cramer tools in your garden, you will never again need petrol, won’t be exposed to harmful fumes, and will also work more ergonomically with less vibrations and less noise. Find out more about Cramer’s 48V range – it’s perfect for everyone who appreciates reliable tools: