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Forest and Tree Care with 82V Battery Technology

Product launchesJul 01, 2022

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Cramer’s new top handle chainsaw 82TCS15 makes demanding jobs in tree work easy.

Malmö 01/07/2022: In preparation for autumn and winter season Cramer has introduced its new top handle chainsaw. Especially designed for professional arborists: the new top handle chainsaw 82TCS15 facilitates tree care and is reliably safe and easy to handle.

Climb, rappel, cut and trim – with Cramer’s top handle chainsaw

The season of tree and forest care starts in October but: preparation of chainsaws and climbing equipment can start now. With Cramer’s new top handle chainsaw, you can facilitate your next tree care season and even work under rainy weather conditions if necessary due to the IPX4 classification. The 82TCS15 is extremely lightweight – weighing only 2.1 kg – but still has exceptional performance and power thanks to the 1.5 kW brushless motor and 1 Nm torque. It is the lightest product on the market with the best power to weight ratio. Its power output is comparable to 35 cc petrol appliances. Your work will be accelerated with the 2.4 m/s chain speed on a 10-inch bar with ¼” pitch for fast and clean cutting of thick and thinner branches. The excellent work-weight is due to an excluded 82V battery in an ergonomic rucksack that carries the battery which is connected to the chainsaw over a power cable. The extra hardcase for the battery keeps it safe, is optimised for climbing and reduces the weight of the chainsaw. The chainsaw is very easy to handle, even under extremely demanding circumstances. The integrated palm lock design, on and off button and chain break guarantee easy operation, starting and extra safety. The built-in hook on the chainsaw with easy click-in and click-out carabiner-ring is the perfect addition to your climbing equipment, making work at height extremely efficient, with a high freedom of movement and comfortable usage. The top handle chainsaw has low vibration, low noise and zero emissions. With Cramer even the most demanding arborist jobs can be carried out quickly, efficiently and safely. Find out all the details about the top handle chainsaw 82TCS15 at: