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Cramer Trinity: What’s Behind the Powerful Tools

Product launchesNov 01, 2022

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Innovative Cramer technology guarantees optimum performance, maximum power and ergonomic functioning.

Malmö 01/11/2022: The right components lead to an optimum working experience. Cramer’s cordless battery powered tools are in no way inferior to petrol-powered products – quite the contrary: Cramer’s technology has several advantages for its users.

Thinking, working, performing – a process of brain, heart, and muscles.

Trinity, a technology by Cramer, combines three forces – and thus ensures reliable, powerful and intelligent battery-driven gardening equipment. The technology is related to functions of the human body: thinking, working, and performing an activity are complex processes that are carried out with the help of three parts. The human body needs the brain, the heart and the muscles.

This is exactly how Cramer tools work: they consist of brain, heart, and muscles – chip, battery and motor.

The chip is the brain of the Cramer tools. It has the ability to analyse electronic feedback at lightning speed and in response optimises the motor performance and battery runtime. The chip’s purpose is to make sure that the device always operates with the right energy, temperature, and power, resulting in the best performance for every job.  

The heart(-piece) of the Cramer equipment is the 82V battery which communicates with the chip and supplies perfectly dosed energy for the motor – no more and no less. The fact that the device does not run at maximum power at all times means that the battery is less stressed, which significantly increases the runtime and life expectancy of the devices.

The digital brushless motor is the source of the mechanical power. Thanks to constant communication via electronic feedback with the chip and battery, the motor always applies the right amount of power – it knows whether maximum performance or great dexterity is required.

The Cramer Trinity ensures lightning-fast reactions, a fantastic power-to-weight-ratio and optimum performance. Cramer’s 82V is the most powerful battery-driven tool system for professionals. Thanks to long runtimes, strong power, and ergonomic design, they are in no way inferior to petrol-powered tools. Learn more about Trinity: .