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Historical values for future generations

A Cramer Story

“We have an important legacy and we intend to preserve it with consistency and attention”

With assignments all over northern Italy, Mantova Ambiente, Tea Group is responsible for the maintenance of parks, estates, and green areas. Here we meet Giorgio Grossi who works in Mantua, a UNESCO-Heritage town in the Italian region of Lombardy. He and his team of gardeners manage the priceless gardens of the Palazzo Te and Palazzo Ducale, among many. For hundreds of years, the gardens have spread greenery, shade, and beauty to its visitors. And for hundreds of years, gardeners have taken care of them. Always with respect for nature, history, and the future. When choosing machines and tools for the important mission, the choice was easy. With a focus on power, function, and sustainability Giorgio and his team make sure that the parks and gardens are tended today and tomorrow, with Cramer.

82V Lightweight Professional Hedge Trimmer

The 82HD62 is a lightweight and powerful battery hedge trimmer for professional use, offering exceptional cutting performance to make the most demanding jobs easy. Premium components include magnesium housing for additional durability and low weight, while the battery is interchangeable with all other Cramer 82V tools.

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