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Welcome to the new dawn of boundary free mowing

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AiConic 2024

When old things end. Something else can begin.

The old days of gardening and grass maintenance are over. With state of the art Ai your AiConic gets better, stronger and smarter — bit by bit, day by day, square meter by square meter.

Vision & Ai

Behind the high-quality lens on AiConic, there's a state of the art AI-powered computer that will process, learn and become smarter by the millisecond. Bit by bit, day by day, square meter by square meter.

RTK Fusion

Cramer has taken RTK to the next level of precision. Using Cramer’s RTK Fusion technology which combines satellite positioning, radar, cameras and IMU (inertial measurement units) make sure that AiConic knows where to go and where to mow.

Systematic Cutting 2.0

The on-board sensors combined with Artificial Intelligence are not only cutting the area line-by-line, they are used to optimize cutting patterns for the best performance and efficiency. Systematic cutting 2.0 implies an even faster and more efficient mowing and ensures the best possible cutting result.
Systematic Cutting Robotic Mower

Masters up to 10.000 m²

Each AiConic mower can master up to 10.000 m². Combine more and control your fleet with the Cramer Fleet Management System and the new AiConic features.

Fully automated mowing

The various AiConic mowers can handle large lawns from 2.000 up to 10,000 m² and slopes of up to 45% for a healthier, thicker and greener lawn. Mowing is carried out in near silence, allowing it to work at any time of the day or night without disturbing you and your neighbours.
Automated mowing

Cramer Connect

The AiConic offers full connectivity to the Cramer Connect App, offering machine status and control over mowing times and schedules. Cramer Connect is also the tool for mapping and handling different areas plus maps. Being part of Cramer Connect, the Cramer Fleet Management controls remotely your AiConic fleet as well as Cramer Zero Turns.
Cramer connect