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Powered by Intelligence. Now Enhanced by AI.

The brain.
The heart.
The muscles.

How we think, work and perform is an interaction between biology, psychology, physics and chemistry. It’s complex, yet so simple. All it takes is a brain, a heart and some muscles. The same goes for Cramer – brain, heart and muscles: The chip. The battery. The motor.


2 years

Commercial warranty

Your clients rely on you. With our 2 year commercial warranty, you can rely on us. Even when something goes wrong.

2 years commercial warranty

10 years

Battery warranty

You put a lot of trust in our batteries. And so do we. We trust them so much that we offer a market leading 10 year battery warranty. 

10 years battery warranty

30 days

Money-back warranty

A promise you can count on: Money Back warranty - up to 30 days after purchase.

30 days money back

The right power for professionals

82V Range

Cramer’s 82V tools deliver more power with less current than commercially available systems with lower voltage. The lower current means battery cells don ́t have to operate at maximum levels. This generates less heat, increasing efficiency and battery life. And reducing the risk of sudden interruptions due to overheated cells and motors.