Petrol Vs. Battery

A break-even calculation shows that you can count on Cramer

During the last decade a lot has changed in the overall interpretation of battery technology and how it can benefit the consumer in terms of cost and reliability. Therefore, just like electric light became competetive with gas light for over a centuary ago, renewable energy and battery-powered equipment for professional landscapers are becoming competetive with equipment based on fossil fuels in comtemporary engineering. As a result of this we are passionate about transforming gasoline products into battery powered products without having to compromise on performance.


In the example above we've compared the costs for two hedge trimmers with comparable cutting performance and service life. To make it even more clear we've made a break-even calculation, in which we see that the Cramer hedge trimmer pays for itself after only 90 hours of operation.


* Additional costs for spark plugs, oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, carburettor settings etc. significantly increase the total costs.

** To work without interruption, you need two batteries. With a fully charged 3,0 Ah battery or a full 0.5 litre tank, a comparable running time of 60 minutes can be achieved. The performance is comparable, although the power-to-weight ratio is better with the Cramer 82V cordless hedge trimmer. 

Attention: All the prices are estimated European avarage.

Break-even calculation

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