Cramer’s 82V Battery

Professional Grade Landscaping Equipment

Since Cramer was established nearly two centuries ago, the company have always aspired to be the leading manufacturer of high-quality professional gardening equipment. Today, their aspiration has become a reality – Cramer is now proud to offer the largest landscaping fleet on the market for professional landscapers. It all comes down to the revolutionary 82V battery, which is used across its entire line, ranging from hedge trimmers and chainsaws to leaf blowers and lawnmowers. But what is so special about the 82V battery, and why should professional landscapers care?

Longer Lifespan with Lower Amperage

Cramer’s 82V battery is an architectural marvel. It packs a powerful voltage, which has the potential to replace the power of petrol-powered commercial zero-turn equipment, but it also operates at low amperage. Conventional for batteris in lower voltsereies, lose to the output of the 82V battery. However, this is only achieved by raising the amperage. Consequently, the battery operates at a higher level of strain on its internal components. This will inevitably cause a higher rate of wear and tear, which will shorten the lifecycle of the battery cells. As a result, your medium-term costs for replacement batteries will be higher.


Optimal Battery Core Temperature

A secondary impact of using lower battery series is the higher core operating temperature. Since the lower amped 82V battery is operating at cells normal level, it will generate significantly less heat compared to the 36/40V battery. The higher heat not only will cause periodic stops and shutdowns, but it will also create systemic issues that will once again hit your bottom line in terms of maintenance and parts replacement costs.

Future Proofed

Over time, newer professional gardening equipment will gradually require more power to operate. When that time comes, the Cramer 82V battery will shine since its amperage can be increased! Once the amp is boosted, the battery will be able to increase its power output. In other words, the battery can be used for more demanding equipment in the future. So your power investment will be future-proofed!

Robust design and heat conductivity

Magnesium is used liberally in the construction of Cramer’s 82V products. Apart from its durability, magnesium is also a great heat conductor. This will help to dissipate the internal heat generated during operation and minimise the risk of overheating.

fleet management

Cramer Fleet Services Connectivity

You may not find the idea of communicating with the battery on your lawnmower all that appealing. However, what if you are responsible for the upkeep of the batteries of dozens or even hundreds of different types of equipment? Suddenly, the ability to communicate with all of them sounds pretty good, right? Using embedded Bluetooth sensors on the batteries, you can connect and optimise all of Cramer’s GreenFleet using the GreenFleet App either from your smartphone or mobile device. Other types of information, such as battery cycles and fault tracking, are also available to help you monitor and maintain the health of your batteries.

If you have any follow up questions, please get in touch with us today and let us help you organise a greener and more efficient fleet of equipment.

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