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Don't want to make any compromises with your robotic mower? Cramer robotic mowers, designed by our research and development teams based in Sweden, are easy to install, easy to program and easy to clean. They are equipped with an IPX5 waterproof classification, which means that cleaning can be easily done with just a jet of water*.

Our new range of robotic mowers offers you innovative robotic mowers that will make it easy for you to enter the era of robotic mowing. You'll find the perfect robotic mower for your garden in a range of sizes. Cramer’s produce four types of robotic lawnmowers that will fill the need of practically every home. Each model is designed primarily with area of coverage in mind. The models, RM800, RM1000, RM1500 and RM2000, have a maximum working capacity of 800m2, 1000m2, 1500m2 and 2000m2 respectively. As you can see, whether you live in a small cottage or a swanky bungalow with an enormous garden, Cramer will take care of your lawn for you. 

Cramer robotics

Connectivity and Control

Cramer’s robotic lawn mowers can be fully operated using the Cramer app from either your smartphone or other mobile device. The starter model, the RM800, is equipped with a Bluetooth sensor and you need to be within 15 metres of the unit to control it. The other three models come with GSM connectivity and are equipped with a GSM sim card with a complimentary five-year subscription. The integrated GPS positioning allows users to easily set the cutting parameters of the mowers and instantly locate their units. For more complex or larger lawns, you can use the two included Guide wires to help your mower navigate the terrain. The GPS also serves an anti-theft function. If a unit is taken out of a predefined cutting area, it will emit a loud alarm to alert you. The Cramer app has a variety of other functions such as Command, Status, Location and Safety, to allow you to fully leverage the ability of your unit.

Cramer robotics

Additional Features of Greenworks’ Robotic Movers

Cramer’s robotic lawnmowers are exceptionally quiet during operation. They emit a low operating noise of 61/60 dB. You also needn’t worry about incurring high running costs. Electric motors have fewer moving parts compared to combustion-powered ones, so repairs will be almost negligible. They are also very safe to use. The free-moving blades are located under covered plates. For added protection, they also have lifting sensors that come into play when the mower hits any obstacle on the lawn. The RM1000, RM1500 and RM2000 units come with two additional cool features – the Rain Guard, which instructs the mowers to return to the base station when it starts to rain, and the Frost Guard, which stops the trimming of frosted blades of grass. One of the best equipped and quietest mowers in its class. When you buy a Cramer robotic mower, everything you need for installation is included right out of the box: perimeter and guide wire, wire pegs and spare blades. Additional parts can be purchased as well if needed. Compelling benefits for you and your lawn - what are you waiting for?


*The use of a high pressure cleaner is not allowed.

Cramer robotics

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