Connect your tools

Take control and boost your efficiency.

Connect your batteries

GreenFleet allows professional landscapers to connect, track and optimize battery use across numerous jobsites, enabling extra efficiency during a workday.


Take control and boost your fleet

Facing difficulties in identifying the condition of your entire battery-powered fleet? Choose an uncomplicated route, thus eliminating the everyday headache. Through the GreenFleet App, you may conveniently oversee and monitor Cramer’s batteries from your smartphone or tablet – even on the go. Optimize your batteries built on specific requirements and save settings for impending assignments. Take control and improve your fleet of batteries with no more than a few taps. 

Monitor your batteries. All in one place

The embedded Bluetooth sensor on the battery transmits the captured data, such as battery status and the number of charging cycles, into Cramer’s GreenFleet cloud via the GreenFleet App. This helps you oversee and monitor your fleet, enabling you to make informed decisions at the jobsite.


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